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Beauty products can be anything from cosmetics to bath and shower products to skin care and hair care products. Because there are so many beauty products available, shopping for them can be confusing.

If you aren't sure what beauty product would be best for you, you might want to check out the website This site is produced by Paula Begoun who has written several books about shopping for beauty products. She also writes a newspaper column on this topic and has been a guest on several television talk shows. The Cosmetics Cop website discusses a wide variety of beauty products and brands that are currently available on the market. You can read product reviews, read questions and answers about beauty products, learn about product ingredients and consult a cosmetic dictionary that will explain many of the complicated terms on product labels. You can also shop for "Paula's Choice" products on this website.

If you know what beauty products you want and would like to shop online, a good website to visit is This website has a wide variety of products in categories like makeup, skincare, fragrance, bath and body, hair and more. Sephora also has articles with tips on makeup, skincare and hair care. This website ships to Canada and the US.

If you would like to buy organic, cruelty free, synthetic free products, you might want to visit This website sells beauty products in categories like eye care, face care, toners and body care. This website does not sell a wide variety of products but they are all organic.